Workshop Photos

Circuit-Bending and Contact Microphone Workshop
First presentation at Open Space, Victoria, BC, Feb 2, 2008.

The materials of this workshop include string instruments, drums and percussion, audio greeting cards, electronic keyboards, and any other resonant object or noisy batter-powered electronic toys. Using soldering irons, wires, recycled parts, and basic techniques, participants build their own microphones and noise generators from common and economical components. The workshop presenter provides basic materials and hands-on instruction. The workshop ends with a group jam. If conditions are suitable, this final jam can be rehearsed in a follow-up workshop session and presented in a public concert. With a good PA system, these instruments produce an immersive environment of hi-fidelity close-up sounds. It is a unique audio experience.

Some other workshops by Jeff Morton include music composition and graphic notation with traditional and non-traditional instruments, as well as digital programming languages for audio and video performance/installation, including Pure Data and MaxMSP workshops for groups or individuals.