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Professional Work

Program Officer, Music Section, Canada Council for the Arts, Ottawa, 2012-17

Programmer, original programming for sound/media artist Ellen Moffat, Saskatoon, 2014-17

Judge. JUNO Awards - Classical Vocal Music category, Ottawa, 2013

Assistant Programmer, Plexure Redux by John Oswald, Toronto, 2012

Managing Director, Holophon Audio Arts, Regina, 2011-12

AV Technician, Fire and the Flood by Jeff Nye, Art Gallery of Regina, 2011

Audio Technician, Ballet by Szuper Gallery, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, 2011

Audio Technician, Storyteller’s Festival, Sakewewak Artist Collective, Regina, 2011

Recording Engineer, Graphic Designer, Catchment, by Amy Horvey, Montreal, 2010

Technical Director, Queer City Cinema Festival, Regina, 2010

Graphic designer, Sounding Landscapes concert, University of Regina, 2010

Graphic designer and MC, Art’s Birthday, Neutral Ground, Regina, 2010

Technician, Production Assistant, New Dance Horizons Ice & Fire Carnival, Regina, 2010

Audio Technician, Close Strangers, Distant Relations, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, 2009

Audio Technician, PJ Perry at MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, 2009

Audio Technician, For Emily exhibition, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, 2009

Audio technician, performer, Extras, by Szuper Gallery (UK), Regina, 2008

Installations technician, assistant preparator, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, 2008-12

Technician, Open Space Arts Society, Victoria, 2007-08

Recording and Audio Technician, Gamelan Madu Sari, Open Space, Victoria, 2007

Computer Programmer, University of Victoria Chorus, School of Music, Victoria, 2007