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Then Letters Pop Out From a Background (13') piano and speaking voice

Premiere: Strata New Music 2016, Saskatoon

Harpsichord Study No.2 (15') harpsichord and maxmsp programming

Premiere: Crossing Boundaries, 2015

Drum Solo (12') field drum, ball, buzzer, and maxmsp.

Premiere: Art Now Series, 2015, Lethbridge

Tines Quartet (8') amplified brass sculptures and drone.

Premiere: Art Now, 2015, Lethbridge

Joan (film by Pixie Cram) (7') music soundtrack and foley.

Screenings, 2015/16: Ottawa, Regina

Supertranspositions (8') disclavier piano and live electronics.

Premiere: Strata New Music 2013, Saskatoon

The Old Cause (6') chamber ensemble.

Premiere: Ereprijs, Netherlands, 2008. Rev. Surround Sound 2013, Saskatoon

Free Tango Lessons Wednesdays (3') string quartet.

Premiere/Recording: Quatuor Bozzini, 2012 Montreal

Prairie Postmodern (9') glockenspiel, melodica, and percussion

Produced for Access 7 public television, 2011, Regina

Going Two Places (28') field recordings, acousmatic podcast series

Produced for Sask Culture Days 2011

People Deserving Something (10') trumpet quintet

Premiere/Recording: Amy Horvey, Catchment, 2010, Montreal

Parliament Music (12') lamellophones and maxmsp programming

Premiere: Sounding Landscapes 2010, Regina

Overture to the Queen of the Music Boxes (8') music boxes and maxmsp programming

Premiere: Stratford Summer Music, 2009. Repeat: NDH Blueprint Series, 2010, Regina

Recorded: Interview, Amy Horvey, 2009

Reason in History (7’) piano and drum machine

Premiere: Susu Robin, Sonic Lab, Victoria. Repeat: Paul Suchan, Sask New Music 2012

Be Pro Block (10’) woodblock and laptop (struck with drumstick)

Premiere: Christian Hebert, Sonic Lab, Victoria

Left of Center (for Robin Poitras) (9') sine tones and turntables

Premiere: NDH Ice and Fire Carnival 2007

Writing About Music (20') chamber ensemble

Premiere: Uvic graduate recital, 2007

Sonagli (7') string quartet, Quatuor Bozzini

 Premiere: Composer’s Kitchen 2006, Montreal